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LPR mortgage rate conversion into countdown! Loan Tucao make complaints about price fixing day

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[0} China new Jing Wei client, July 26 (Wei Wei) recently, the bank's work of linking the stock house loan with the LPR floating rate has come to an end. Some lenders have reflected back to the client of China new Jingwei. The loan is set up on the re pricing day, and only the option of \ In simple terms, the re pricing date is the day of each year. The customer's mortgage interest rate will be recalculated once a year, which is linked with the latest LPR quotation (Note: the repricing date is from January 1 to 19 of the current month, which is the LPR quotation of the previous month). This choice also affects the adjustment of monthly supply every year. How should the lender choose?

There is only one option

for the

repricing date

Mr. Xu recently received a call from the customer manager of Jingzhou rural business, telling him to convert the pricing method of mortgage interest rate into LPR on wechat program as soon as possible.

In my operation, I found that there was only the option of \ Jingzhou farmers and merchants take LPR interest rate conversion page Mr. Xu said that his classmates applied for the mortgage in the Bank of China, but he had two options. One was January 1 of each year, and the other was the day of loan repayment.

\ Another teacher Yang encountered the same situation: \ Source: Interviewees choose to offer

the client of Zhongxin Jingwei dials the customer service telephone of Tianjin bank, and the other party indicates that the repricing date cannot be selected. After conversion to LPR, the same will work on January 1 of next year, and then the price will be re priced on January 1 of each year.

\ Is it difficult for customers to choose a choice?

In essence, according to the previous provisions of the Central Bank of China, when financial institutions and customers pass the price benchmark conversion terms, they can re agree on the re pricing cycle and re pricing date. Among them, the minimum re pricing cycle of commercial housing loans is one year.

the customer service personnel of Zhongxin Jingwei have two choices, i.e. electrician, farmer, Jian, Bank of China and Bank of communications. They can choose January 1 of each year, or choose the monthly to day dialogue according to the loan date.

previously, postal savings bank, industrial bank, Chengdu agricultural and commercial bank were all complained by customers because the mobile app had only one option on January 1. However, the above banks were improved. Mr. Xue, a customer of postal savings bank, called the loan manager on July 23, and the other party indicated that the option of \ Why are there still many banks offering customers only one choice? \ Li Yuejin, director of the Central Research Institute think tank of E-House Research Institute, also said that in light of the convenience of interest rate calculation and statistics, the calculation on January 1 is relatively convenient. Looking from the previous repricing date, it was actually carried out on January 1, so as to facilitate the statistics of loan balance and loan repayment in the whole year.

However, Dong ximiao pointed out that banks should give customers the right to choose the re pricing date instead of forcing customers to choose January 1 each year, which shows that one-sided banking services are not in place. For the bank to go, system development is not difficult, many customers are operating on mobile phones, only one option.

Which is more cost-effective for

re pricing date?

The client of

China new Jingwei has arrived, many banks have issued notices. If customers do not operate on mobile phone app before August 20, they will automatically switch to link with LPR (Note: the detailed deadline is subject to the announcement of each bank). There is not much time left for the Lender to choose. How to choose the repricing date? Which is more cost-effective on January 1 and loan day?

A loan customer manager of a joint-stock bank believes that if we only consider the time when we can enjoy the preferential interest rate of loans, and do not consider the vibration of interest rates on different days, the earlier the re pricing day will be, the better. For example, it is July now. If the loan date is from August to December, if you can choose the repricing date of loan date, you can enjoy the discount of LPR reduction this year. If you choose January 1 of each year in other months, you can link to LPR as early as January 1, 2021.

The above customer managers also pointed out that individual banks can establish differences in the system. It is rare that customers whose loan date is before August 20 are more likely to choose the loan before and to direct the loan, so as to avoid the situation that the loan will not be adjusted until next year's loan date.

It is necessary to be careful that LPR is not the same as the previous benchmark loan interest rate. Every month, it will accompany the market interest rate quotation to turn or remain unchanged, while the repricing cycle is light for one year. Therefore, the choice of the month to carry out the repricing will determine the repayment rate of 12 months on the next day. Considering only the timing of LPR conversion, it is not certain that you can get the most cost-effective interest rate in another day.

For the problem of high interest rate at the end of the year that the lender is uneasy about, the reason is that LPR quotation is less than one year, and it is not possible to summarize the rule. However, judging from the data of only 11 months, the price quoted by LPR with a period of more than 5 years in December 2019 is 4.8%, lower than 4.85% in August October 2019, but higher than that in January July 2020.

Li Yuejin points out, for example, that if a house buyer agrees that August 25 is the repricing date and that the price is priced once a year, then the interest rate on August 25 will be subject to the latest LPR quotation published in August. If this LPR is lower than the LPR quoted price announced on December 20, then it is relatively cost-effective for buyers to enjoy the relatively short LPR. On the contrary, if this LPR is higher than the LPR published in December, it will be relatively uneconomical. In fact, it still depends on the turning point of LPR.

Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate, said that from this year's situation, the LPR of more than five years in the first half of the year decreased from 4.8% to 4.65%, a decrease of 15 basis points. For example, the difference in monthly payment is about 90 yuan for a mortgage with a loan term of 1 million yuan and a 30-year loan period of equal amount. No matter which one is chosen for the repricing date, the difference can be not too big for the loan time of several decades in different days. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)


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